Here are just a few idea's on how my services can help:

Wanting to add a hot tub, but electrical service is too small? I do service upgrades, and can wire up the hot tub at the same time!

Wanting to put a TV over the fireplace but need a new plug? I am happy to take on small jobs adding plugs, changing out lights, moving lights or light switches to a better location. Maybe your living room is dim, why not add in some pot lights!

Maybe you need help with your mortgage, I can wire up your new basement suite.

Have a plug that keeps tripping the breaker? Have plugs or lights that have stopped working? I do trouble shooting and can fix the problem for you.

Have a small or large renovation? I am happy to come help you decide the best way to proceed electrically. Maybe you just want to move your washer and dryer, or add a new fan in the problem!

Looking to sell your mobile home? You will probably need an electrical CSA inspection done.

.... and so much more! Just give me a call and see how I can help you with your electrical needs today!